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Tor Browser

Tor Browser is the official browser from the Tor Project, the team behind Orbot. Now you can browse the entire Internet anonymously and securely. Your online identity is hidden in many privacy situations. As many users know, Orbot is the Android version of the Tor network, one of the most powerful cybersecurity tools available today.

One of the more interesting projects. The best (and most popular) feature of the browser is the ability to track the websites you visit. so that advertisers and ads don’t follow you from page to page every time you leave that page. Your cookies are deleted automatically. In this regard, using Tor is very different from other browsers. and if you search for information about clothing on one page, you’ll see a clothing sale ad on the next page you go to.

Tor Browser For Windows & Mac:

Another advantage of the browser is that all users are the same when surfing the web. In other words, if someone or a website tries to find out who you are or what website you use. They’ll just see if you’re on the Tor network or. That way you are completely invisible and free to move around.

It is a powerful web browser that allows you to surf the web anonymously. You usually have nothing to hide. But protecting your right to privacy and impartiality online is essential to freedom.

Tor Browser Features:

  • The main function of this system is to get your website to the desired ranking. With it, you can enjoy an easy-to-use interface and protect your system. All features are available in a custom version of Mozilla Firefox. It’s not a bad thing. Because it allows you to profile quickly.
  • One of the keys to protecting your data is to install the HTTPS Everywhere plugin which effectively hides the connection between your computer and web pages. you can easily adjust your permissions to allow or restrict certain features.
  • before you feel like exploring completely. The tool prompts you to select a connection type. You can choose a custom link that works in many cases. Or change settings if your computer uses a proxy or firewall to exploit traffic.
  • Most of the options are similar to what you see in Firefox, with a few additions. Turn on cookie protection or choose a new ID for added security.
  • For another reason. It can be said that the Tor Browser Tool has all the tools needed for Internet security. It can be used by both beginners and experts due to its many complex features. which is not required under the scheme for proper functioning.

What’s New?

  • NoScript has been updated to 11.1.5
  • Bug 40021: Page crashed when restarting
  • Bug 40022: November EOY update – merge
  • Issue 40219: Mozilla backend bug 1675905
  • improve the translation

How to Install Tor Browser?

  1. Remove the old one completely.
  2. Log in to your Tor browser
  3. They’re done!

Tor Browser Latest Version


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